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Bubble, Bark, Bliss: Pamper Your Pooch with The Doggy Bar Duo by GetnGiveCrafts - Dog Shampoo Bar

"We crafted The Doggy Bar Duo because we love our pets beyond measure. We wanted the comfort of knowing they use a product with quality and safe ingredients..." ~ 4 min read.


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Author: A. Grandbois

Hello, paw-some pet parents and furry friends!

Today, we're diving into the world of canine care with the dynamic duo from GetnGiveCrafts - The Doggy Bar Original and The Doggy Bar with Neem Oil.

The Doggy Bar - Original - Cocoa Butter Comfort:

A Chihuahua dog, sitting on the edge of a grey couch.
GetnGiveCrafts Furbaby

Imagine a soap that's not just about cleanliness. But a spa day for your beloved pooch that's palm-free and vegan-friendly. Enter The Doggy Bar - Original by GetnGiveCrafts.

The Doggy Bar - Original is a symphony of quality ingredients made with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, oat milk, and rosemary leaf extract. It creates a luxurious lather that pampers your pet's skin, leaving their coat glorious and shiny. It's like a spa day for your pup's skin and coat! Your dog deserves the best, and with this bar, they'll have a shampoo that might outshine your own! Pamper your pooch with the doggy bar, infused with care and love – because they're worth it.

A miniature pinscher dog laying down on a grey couch.
GetnGiveCrafts Furbaby

We know this firsthand because, at GetnGiveCrafts, we use The Doggy Bar -Original on our fur babies. It's week three (3) post-bath for them, and their coats are clean and soft with a healthy shine. No lingering smells, odors, added preservatives, and harmful chemicals—just happy, healthy fur!

The Doggy Bar with Neem Oil - Nature's Shield:

A bar of soap, beige in color (natural), with a label in teal that reads The Doggy Bar - with Neem Oil/ Le Doggy Bar - avec de l'huile de neem
The Doggy Bar - with Neem Oil by GetnGiveCrafts

For those times when your pup needs a little extra TLC (Tender, Love, and Care), enter The Doggy Bar with Neem Oil. Neem oil, rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, nourishes and moisturizes, preventing dryness, itching, and flakiness. But that's not all! Neem oil is a natural superhero that offers a shield against pesky pests while maintaining the same skin and coat care level. It's like a spa retreat in a bar, with added protective benefits. Say goodbye to unwanted critters and hello to a happy, healthy pup.

Crafted with Canine Love:

A beige, natural colored bar of soap with a teal label that reads The Doggy Bar - Original /Le Doggy Bar - Original Shampoo Bar for Dogs.
The Doggy Bar - Original by GetnGiveCrafts

At GetnGiveCrafts, we understand that your furry companions deserve the best. That's why each bar is handcrafted with love and expertise, ensuring a gentle and enjoyable bath time experience for your pet. We crafted The Doggy Bar Duo because we love our pets beyond measure. We wanted the comfort of knowing they use a product with quality and safe ingredients. No preservatives, additives, or fragrances that could be harmful—just pure, wholesome goodness for your furry family members.

Committed to Safety Standards:

We take immense pride in the quality and safety of our products. At GetnGiveCrafts, we uphold the highest standards, not just for The Doggy Bars, but for all our products. We ensure the safety and health of our offerings by having them registered with CNF forms (Cosmetic Notification Forms) from Health Canada. This commitment extends beyond craftsmanship; it's a promise to pet parents that every product is made with utmost care and scrutiny.

How to Treat Your Pup:

Using The Doggy Bar is a breeze. Wet your dog, lather the bar in your hands, and give them a good rub-down. The delightful suds will turn bath time into a mini spa experience, leaving your pup fresh, clean, and oh-so-happy.

Environmental Paw Print:

We care about the planet too! The Doggy Bars are lovingly packaged in polyfilm (plastic film) that's non-toxic and reflects our commitment to sustainability. Using a plastic film to preserve the soap bars is not only efficient, it's environmentally friendly compared to traditional liquid shampoo bottles. Moreover, a solid shampoo bar will last longer than traditional liquid shampoos, providing extended joy and care for your furry friends. Happy dog, happy Earth – that's the mantra.


In a world where dogs are family, The Doggy Bar duo from GetnGiveCrafts is a must-have. It's not just about grooming; it's about creating moments of joy and bonding with your furry friend. Treat your pet to the goodness of nature and the care they deserve.

Ready to elevate your pup's bath time? Unleash the goodness of The Doggy Bar Original and The Doggy Bar with Neem Oil – because every dog deserves a spa day!

Give The Doggy Bar a try, and let the tail-wagging commence!

Check Out The Doggy Bar Delight in Action on our YouTube channel:

Because your pup deserves the best and bath time should be a tail-wagging experience!

Grab Yours Today and Treat Your Furry Friend to the Spa Day They Deserve!

Thank you very much for reading our post today! We sincerely hope that you are enjoying our products and communications so far! We invite you to say hello and ask any questions you are curious about, or let us know how we are doing! Your feedback will help us tremendously improve our products and serve you better! We feel incredibly grateful to our customers, family, and supporters! We cannot thank you enough for supporting and joining us on our journey! We are incredibly proud of our achievements and are driven to keep crafting and creating!

With artistic fervor,

A. Grandbois

(Artist and Co-owner of GetnGiveCrafts)

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