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November 2023 - Work In Progress Update

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

"We feel incredibly grateful to our customers, family, and supporters! We cannot thank you enough for supporting us and joining us on our journey!..." ~ 4 min read.


Instagram: @getngivecrafts 

Author: A. Grandbois

Opening a small business is not a small feat because there is so much to do, and organization and time management become critical! There are a variety of tasks that go into the work that we do. Some of it you see in the form of social media posts and website updates, and others you don't in the form of product preparation, photography, video editing, painting, and marketing.

In today's post, I want to bring you into our world and provide a work-in-progress update!

Please say hi in the comments below, and feel free to ask any questions! I'm very eager to have an open discussion with you all! Does the idea of video logs (vlogs) of our business day-to-day interest you?

If you want to see a reference of our videos, please visit our YouTube Channel @GetnGiveCrafts and watch our main video! I'm incredibly proud of the work that we've done and have learned an immense amount that I want to share with you all! Like, Follow, and Subscribe to our channel today to stay up to date with our postings! Thank you!

Recent News - (Since the last blog post on Nov. 12/23 - Click Here to Read)

  • Our latest batch of Bargain Bar is ready for sale and in stock! - As of Nov 13th, 2023

A white soap bar wrapped in plastic with a teal label. The label reads GG Crafts, GetnGiveCrafts Made in Canada, Bargain Bar - Le bar marchander, Face, Body and Hand Soap made with Shea Butter. In french it reads, "savon pour le visage, le corps, et les mains a base de beurre de shea.
GetnGiveCrafts - Bargain Bar

To let you know how long we can cure our soaps. We are very strict about letting our soaps cure for 30 days before packaging and adding to inventory. We remove the loaf of soap after 3 to 4 days of cure time, then cut the loaf into bars, which are then placed on racks to air dry for an additional 30 days. Ensuring any remaining moisture is removed from the bars before beveling the corners, weighing, and packaging. Click Here to visit the product page.

  • The Doggy Bar - Original and The Doggy Bar - with Neem Oil ready for sale and in stock! - As of. Nov 13th, 2023.

his palm-free, vegan-friendly bar is not only crafted with shea butter and cocoa butter but also enriched with neem oil, a natural wonder that fights off pests and nurtures your dog's skin. Neem oil, rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, nourishes and moisturizes, preventing dryness, itching, and flakiness. Say goodbye to unwanted critters and hello to a happy, healthy pup. (Be advised we recommend not using neem oil if pregnant or if an animal is pregnant)
GetnGiveCrafts - The Doggy Bar - with Neem Oil
A beige, plain bar of soap, wrapped in plastic and has a teal label. The Label reads GetnGiveCrafts - The Doggy Bar - Original or Le Doggy Bar - Original. Shampoo bar, vegan friendly, palm free, made with shea butter, cocoa butter. / barre de shampooing, convivialite vegane, sans paume, a base beurrre de shea, et beurre the cacao.
GetnGiveCrafts - The Doggy Bar - Original

It's palm-free, vegan-friendly, and without mica powder or fragrance to ensure the best care for your pet. This soap features Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter with Oat Milk, all composed of entirely natural ingredients. We use The Doggy Bar - Original on our fur babies and personally noticed a thorough clean that doesn't leave a greasy residue. Also, their coats are shiny and silky smooth after drying. Check out our YouTube Shorts Commercial Video created for the Doggy Bar - Original and with Neem Oil! We are proud of it!

  • We released the "How to Paint a Fox - Fox Painting Process" video on YouTube. Click Here to watch!

You will see my painting process in the time-lapse video and enjoy classical royalty-free music. I chose tracks that resonated with me while painting this. My preferred music genre is classical. However, you'll see me switch it up in future videos to suit the mood of the work/project.

  • We also released our GetnGiveCrafts - 2023 Collection of Character Ornaments!

Six (6) delightful characters that will

There are 6 slices of birch tree bark, prepared to be christmas tree ornaments. There are 6 characters, the first is a racoon, then a penguin, hermit crab, snowman, gnome and fox. They are unique one of a kind gifts.
2023 Character Ornaments (Limited Time!)

add a whimsical touch to your holiday decor. These one-of-a-kind ornaments capture the season's spirit and showcase the natural beauty of birch tree bark. (I plan to post a unique story for each character and create their story world! - Stay tuned!). These figures are available for 2023 only! Are you looking to start a collection of ornaments? Click Here to visit the product page.

Work In Progress

a drawing of a Chi-hua-hua dressed in a teal and grey pajamas. It reads hand drawn and painted, and is a digital pet portrait by artist A. Grandbois
Hand Drawn Digital Portrait By A. Grandbois
  • Digital Pet Portrait - Near Complete! Coming Soon! I am stoked to share this with you. If you haven't read my previous blog post, I've challenged myself to paint a digital pet portrait. My fur baby is my subject! I like to call him "the cutest little boy that ever was". He's a chi-hua-hua and recently turned five (5) years old.

  • Aquarium Portrait - In Progress! I've created a little collage/gallery below of some aquarium photos for reference! My favorite is the shot of our cat peeking into our aquarium. He loves to sit and watch the yo-yo loach and other fishies within the tank swim around. I've bought him a little bed since taking the photos below to sit in front of the aquarium. He now lounges and lies as long as he wants. I'm filming my progress and will post it on our YouTube channel when it is complete. I've spent 2.5 hours on this so far! The size of the canvas is 18 x 24 inches.

  • Self Portrait - Not Started My goal is to start sketching a draft and paint at the end of this week! I already have a name in mind for this portrait. I am planning on using acrylic as my only medium.

It has been a busy week for Mr G. and I. We continue to work on our website to implement improvements, post on social media, and work on ongoing projects. It feels as though there is not enough time in a day to get things done! We sincerely hope that you are enjoying our products and communications so far! Again, we invite you to say hello and ask any questions you are curious about, or let us know how we are doing! Your feedback will help us tremendously improve our products and serve you better! We feel incredibly grateful to our customers, family, and supporters! We cannot thank you enough for supporting and joining us on our journey! We are also proud of what we have achieved and learned!

With artistic fervor,

A. Grandbois

(Artist and Co-owner of GetnGiveCrafts)

P.S. We launched our YouTube Channel! If you are interested in watching announcements, timelapse videos, business updates, and exclusive sneak peeks into the mesmerizing world of soap making and more! Join us on our YouTube Channel @GetnGiveCrafts for a journey filled with creativity and behind-the-scenes magic! Don't miss out - subscribe, like, and stay tuned for the craftiest content by Mr. G. and I.

If you would like to follow my artwork or communicate with me, please feel free to send us a message or email me at We post to our @getngivecrafts Instagram and Facebook accounts and can be reached there. Thank you for your time and for reading my post today!

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