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Custom Canvas Portraits

An artwork featuring a fox in a forest with the moon in the background. The fox stands before a fiery inferno.
Painting of a house
Painting of a Dog

Unique custom portraits from photo portrait that is the perfect housewarming gift for your family and friends. A painting of a house is also an excellent realtor closing gift that is sure to be a timeless heirloom.

The paint is made of acrylic, dries with an odorless matte finish, and is hand-painted with high standards and workmanship. It's our goal to capture the energy of the home and relay its elegance and beauty, in an impressionistic art style.

How Do You Order?

Send us a message with the photo(s) that you would like painted, as well as your creative input; how you would like to see the canvas painted (general idea of placement, color theme, free reign).

After reviewing the photo(s), we will work on sketching a draft on the canvas size of your choice. We will also communicate along the way on its progress, if desired. It is optional to include our Artist's signature on the front display.

If you would like to gift our services to anyone, as a last-minute gift. Please type "Gift" in the personalization box below. The person receiving the gift can send a photo of choice, later.

Several sizes available, stretched onto a 5/8-inch depth frame, and ready to hang. Custom sizes can be arranged upon request.

Looking for something abstract? Or different? Please come and visit our shop for more ideas and options!

The artist's name is A. Grandbois, co-owner of GetnGiveCrafts.

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